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About Return Policy
What kinds of goods are returnable
1. Goods sent by Etoplink, and within warranty period.
2. Goods are in the condition mentioned in Warranty&Replacement.
3  Any goods broken or damaged deliberately or due to unprofessional fixing are not returnable
4. We strongly advice our customers to test the products first before installation, A return will only be valid and a replacement processed AFTER we have received your item.
The products we source are of the highest quality,  However for the LCD assembly, because there are a lot of small parts assembled on the LCD.Some issues may be caused by small parts on the LCD assembly, in this case, you don't need to send us back the LCD, just let us know the issues,and we will send you the small parts for free to replace the old one.(Most small parts are just stick on the LCD assembly, it's easy to remove)

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